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Meet Abi Hodgson

My Story

I am not going to lie.  I was no great academic.  School was okay and I came out of it with a clutch of GCSE’s and A levels.

I left school without any clue where I was going and therefore found myself as a shop assistant in John Lewis’ Coats and Co-ordinates department.  I lasted a full three months before I decided that it wasn't for me and I made the jump into Finance that would see me rise through the ranks from a Finance Assistant at a Housing Association through to a Finance Manager at a Unitary Authority 23 years later.

Finance was never a passion -  I am proud (and a little relieved) to admit.  The real joy for me came from managing my staff - where some may have been uncomfortable to talk to their teams about the "difficult" stuff, I was in my element.  Any aspect of my job that put me face to face with people was my favourite part.  Numbers left me cold.

Over those 23 years in Finance, I managed to get married twice and divorced once, have one child and take ownership of one dog.  I worked my way through an increasingly expensive selection of cars and “stuff” as my salary grew and I waited for the feeling of fulfilment to find me.

It didn’t.

What did find me was a chronic pain condition that even to this day leaves the medical profession largely baffled, and eventually the balance of my life shifted so that the pain became the bigger part, and my deeply stressful job had to go.

Lately the pain is considerably better.  The expensive car is replaced by something altogether more sensible (and far less fun) and life has taken on a far less material and far more personal dimension.

In managing my mystery condition, I was given a range of different drugs over two years.  All resulted in extreme lethargy and equally extreme weight gain.  2017 started with me at my all time heaviest, unable to stay awake and miserable at how far I had drifted from the woman I once was.

So I came off the medication under the guidance of my doctor and I started to try and lose the weight.  It was tough, and it was by no means consistent, but I am now 20lbs lighter than I was on 2nd January and that feels good.

What feels even better though is that I have come to realise that whilst buried in my own sense of having lost myself along the way, I was able to really empathise with others who felt the same.  I have always been passionate about helping people, but in losing myself so completely for those two years, I really came to a point of clarity about what drives me and how I wanted to move forward.

And that brings us to the current moment.  I am fortunate enough to have undertaken a large amount of study over the years, fuelled by my desire to work with people, which places me in an ideal position to follow my heart, using all of this knowledge and experience to ensure that people everywhere are able to find their worth, rediscover their self esteem and grab control of their lives again.  

My life is not perfect.  I still suffer from occasional pain.  I will always be an ex wife.  I will always be the reason that my son splits his time between his parents.  But my life is my own.  I recognise my own power, I own my own decisions and I know my own worth.

I am comfortable in my own skin and that is what I wholeheartedly feel that every single person deserves.


My Mission

My mission is to help others to feel comfortable in their own skin, to feel empowered to own their life, to know their own worth and to live every day without hesitation or apology.

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