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The Pizza of Life

Posted 6/11/2017

We have all heard the phrase “bite sized chunks”….. as in don’t tackle the whole thing at once, break it down into manageable pieces.

Its a very flexible and accommodating phrase.  It can apply to anything from pizza to a relationship, from studying for an exam to redesigning your garden.

But have you ever considered how it could apply to your whole life?  I would guess not.

Sometimes, we look at our loves and we see shortcomings – I should be more fit and healthy, my social like should be better, my life is just too….(fill in the blank).  But these statements are huge and often we put off doing anything about life because of the size of the problem we perceive exists.

So what if we were to apply the Bite Sized Chunks principle to our lives?  Imagine your life as an extra large pizza.  Stuffing the entire pizza in your mouth at once feels akin to fixing everything that feels wrong with your life in one day doesn’t it?

But if you then imagine cutting your life into 10 or 12 manageably proportioned slices, you could tackle each one individually and at a pace that suits you.  That feels much more reasonable to me.

So next time you settle down with a cup of tea and assess your life – and that may be around new year (when, lets be honest, we all carry out some kind of review for reasons that feel utterly bonkers to me), why not have a think about how you can break your life down into chunks, and then work out which chunk you want to work on first?

Oh – and the really good bit is that there is no limit to the chunking you can do!  If you decide that one of your life pizza slices still feels too big, break it down some more.  You are in charge.  It is after all, your own pizza of life.

"I have tried other coaches in the past but found that working with Abi over Skype was so much more convenient for me than face to face meetings. Abi has really helped me to understand what I want to get out of my life - especially my career and has helped me focus on how to achieve my ambitions. She is friendly, approachable and very easy to talk to. She was honest about what she felt I needed and when she felt I was ready to stop having sessions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Abi"  Dawn, January 2018

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