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Proud to be included in the Top 50 Coach Listing in CV Magazine December 2017 issue!

So What is a Discovery Session?

Finding the right coach is critical to your success.  Investing time and money in talking to someone that you feel uncomfortable with or perhaps simply do not like is never going to yield you the results that you are hoping for.

By offering you the opportunity to talk to me for half an hour, by phone or Skype call, I am giving you the chance to decide if I am your kind of person.  

But thats a two way street - I need to be sure that I can support you.  If you have an issue or problem that I honestly feel I cannot help you with - perhaps you need a more specific type of support or a therapy that I am unable to provide (such as hypnotherapy) then its important that I let you know.

Booking a session to introduce ourselves to each other is the smartest way to get our relationship off on the right foot.

So get yourself booked in, find a comfy place to settle, maybe grab a hot drink and lets talk.

And if you do decide that I'm not the coach for you - there'll be no hard feelings, no sales emails landing in your inbox and no follow up phone calls.  If I'm not the right choice for you, I'll take it on the chin and make sure that any notes I take down when we are talking are shredded.

So what are you waiting for?

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